José Andrés feeds thousands in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
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Celebrity chef José Andrés is serving thousands of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria.

Andrés brought his crew from World Central Kitchen based out of D.C. to the island to help feed Puerto Ricans recovering from the massive storm, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The chef has also been soliciting donations and volunteers to help feed hurricane survivors, who are now recovering from their second storm in recent weeks. He tweeted earlier this week that he had served 8,000 people on the island so far.


Andrés has a restaurant in Puerto Rico, Mi Casa, but it suffered damage in the storm and has been closed since.

The chef has already extended his stay on the island by a week.

“We have to be realistic about what we can do,” Andrés said. “I cannot leave.”

Andrés tweeted his support for San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Saturday, saying he was delivering 1,000 meals to support her work.



Andrés, a Spanish immigrant who became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2013, has been a staunch critic of President Trump since he announced his candidacy.

The chef canceled his planned restaurant in Trump’s D.C. hotel after Trump called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists during his 2015 campaign announcement.

The Trump Organization sued Andrés for breach of contract and he countersued. The parties settled the dispute in April.

Andrés' help comes as the Trump administration comes under fire for its response to Hurricane Maria.

Trump went after Cruz, the San Juan mayor, in a series of tweets Saturday, attacking her “poor leadership ability” as Puerto Rico recovers from the storm.

Cruz held an emotional press conference Friday criticizing the Trump administration’s response to the storm and pleading for more help.