Andy Cohen replaces Kathy Griffin for CNN's New Year's show
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Andy Cohen is taking Kathy Griffin’s place alongside Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, after the standup comic was booted from the gig earlier this year following her controversial anti-Trump photo shoot.

The cable network announced the move on Wednesday. 

Cohen, the host of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” and producer of the network’s “Real Housewives” franchise, tweeted:

“Andy is the life of the party wherever he goes, and what bigger party is there than New Year's Eve? It is going to be a blast!” Cooper said in a news release. 


Griffin lost her long-standing New Year’s Eve gig with the CNN anchor in May after she starred in a gruesome photo shoot showing her holding up a prop made to look like President Trump’s decapitated head.

After initially apologizing for the images, saying she went “too far,” Griffin retracted her apology, calling the outrage “B.S.”

Cohen has been critical of Trump, comparing the commander in chief’s tweets to those of “Real Housewives” cast members and once responding to a Twitter post from the president about his plan to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military by writing:

Cohen and Cooper are longtime friends who have toured across the country together as part of an unscripted show.