Howard Stern: I knew Weinstein lied to me about casting couch rumors
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Howard Stern says he knew Harvey Weinstein was lying in a 2014 interview with him in which the Hollywood mogul denied lurid casting-couch rumors.
The SiriusXM host said Monday that he "specifically" asked Weinstein about sleeping with budding actresses because he "had heard some things, like everybody did."
"Every girl knows that if she's a competent actress, if she could get on your good side, you could make her a star over-f--king-night. Don't tell me it doesn't work like that," Stern told Weinstein during the 2014 "Howard Stern Show" sit-down.
"Howard, I wish," Weinstein said at the time. "The movies are too expensive, the risks are too great. It doesn't happen that way anymore."
"John Frankenheimer, you know the great director, told us stories about his day in the movies. We were born way too late," Weinstein, now 65, said with a chuckle.
When pressed, Weinstein added, "Really — I hate to disappoint you."
"I knew he was lying," Stern told listeners on Monday. "I knew it."
More than two dozen women have accused Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment in recent days, allegations that stretch back three decades and include prominent actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, among others. Weinstein, through a representative, said all sexual encounters were consensual.
Chatter about sexual misconduct involving Weinstein — a longtime Democratic donor — has been called an open secret in Hollywood for years. 
"I knew a girl who told me like years ago that she was up for some — not even up for a part — but she had met with Harvey and he kind of came on to her, she told me," Stern said on Monday.
"She was telling me laughing. Like she goes, 'Oh, like every girl in Hollywood.' And she was telling me laughing, 'Yeah, I just got up and left,'" Stern said.
When he interviewed Weinstein three years ago, Stern said, the woman's story was "sort of in my head." 
"She made it seem like it was no big nothing," he added.
"I just think it's pathetic," Stern said of Weinstein's alleged actions.
"Nothing would be more pathetic to me than a woman who would like sleep with me for a job," the radio host exclaimed.
"But what is hot — I mean from a sexual standpoint, I know it's about power, I get it — but what is hot about beating off to a terrified woman?"