‘West Wing’ alum’s message to lawmakers: Get Trump out
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Richard Schiff says his famed “West Wing” character would advise President Trump to resign, knowing “there’s no compromising with a dictator who wants total and complete power.”

“You’re dealing with a cage-match wrestler, and the rest of us are in a boxing match where there are rules,” Schiff told ITK on Tuesday.

The 62-year-old actor, who played fictional White House communications director Toby Ziegler on the popular NBC political drama, hit the campaign trail for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonSchiff blasts Trump for making 'false claims' about Russia intel: 'You've betrayed America. Again.' The problem with Trump's Middle East peace plan Trump's Intel moves spark Democratic fury MORE during the 2016 White House race and has been an outspoken and fierce critic of Trump.


When asked how Ziegler might have guided Trump in the wake of indictments announced Monday against his former campaign aides, Schiff replied, “I don’t see how that could’ve ever happened. If there was someone as smart as Toby in the White House — which I don’t know if there is — if [Toby] had somehow infiltrated that enemy force, if you will, he would sabotage it in any way he could by convincing Trump to resign.”

“You don’t hit below the belt. You don’t bite off the ear. There’s no engagement there,” added Schiff, who now stars in ABC’s “The Good Doctor.”

“I think that’s a mistake that many in Congress have made — there’s no discussion to be had,” the Emmy Award winner continued. “This pretense that we’re moving forward with tax reform and health-care reform, and so on, with someone who’s trying to destroy the very system that you’re working in, makes no sense.”

“All of your work should be in removing this cancer from the body of your country,” Schiff advised lawmakers. “Get him out.”

“I always think of the analogy of how long does it take to build a beautiful sand castle on the beach, and how long does it take for an 8-year-old to step all over it and destroy it?” exclaimed Schiff. “Well, he’s the 8-year-old.”