“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and rapper Common on Wednesday delivered a freestyle rap to a crowd attending the 2017 Obama Foundation Summit.

"I told you all before I was inspired by 'Hamilton.' He said Common Sense keep coming on, he said I was the new form of the George Washington. And that's how it is, we got biz," Common rapped.


"I don't know how he do it. He really keep it fluid. I'm trying to learn from it here at this Obama Summit," Miranda added, following Common's freestyle.

Common suggested doing the freestyle at the end of their joint appearance at Chicago’s National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture.

There, Miranda resolutely dismissed any intentions of running or public office.

"I'm much more comfortable in a costume playing someone else than I am in front of this podium with you,” Miranda told reporters, according to The Chicago Tribune.

“You'll never see me running for office for anything — not even dog catcher, and I love dogs," he said.

Miranda also brought up local relief efforts in Puerto Rico during the Obama Foundation event, pointing to those who have helped people who are reeling from the damage weeks after Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm, tore through the American territory. 

The playwright previously slammed President Trump for his handling of the natural disaster, telling Trump in a tweet in September that he was “going straight to hell.”

“I’m not someone who wastes words and those were the only words I had left,” Miranda said, referring to the tweet.

Miranda, whose own relatives live on the island, said his full-time job now is to raise awareness of the ongoing crisis. Many on Puerto Rico continue to live without electricity or clean water.