Harrison Ford: ‘We’ve got people in charge of important s--- who don’t believe in science’
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Actor Harrison Ford took a swipe at Washington on Thursday night, blasting lawmakers and leaders who deny climate change. 

During a speech to the environmental group Conservation International in Culver City, Calif., where he was receiving an award, Ford said the biggest threat to the United States is leaders that don't understand or accept evidence that human activity is driving rapid climate change.

"We face an unprecedented moment in this country. Today’s greatest threat is not climate change, not pollution, not flood or fire," Ford said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "It’s that we’ve got people in charge of important shit who don’t believe in science." 



Ford, an outspoken and longtime advocate for environmental causes, cast the threat posed by climate change as a dire one in his speech, arguing that unless it is addressed quickly, "nothing else will matter."

"If we don’t stop the destruction of nature, nothing else will matter," Ford said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Jobs won’t matter, our economies won’t matter, our freedoms and ethics won’t matter, our children’s education and potential won’t matter, peace, prosperity. If we end the ability of a healthy natural world to sustain humanity nothing else will matter, simply said."

President TrumpDonald TrumpGOP grapples with chaotic Senate primary in Pennsylvania ​​Trump social media startup receives commitment of billion from unidentified 'diverse group' of investors Iran thinks it has the upper hand in Vienna — here's why it doesn't MORE himself has cast doubt on climate change, once calling it a "hoax" propagated by the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing less competitive. In June, he announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the 195-nation Paris climate accord, which seeks to drastically curb carbon emissions.