Baldwin: Trump is the head writer of 'Saturday Night Live'

Actor Alec Baldwin said that President Trump is the head writer of "Saturday Night Live" because “90 percent” of the lines said during his impersonation of Trump are actually quotes from the president himself.

Baldwin, who has been portraying Trump on the show since the 2016 campaign, told PBS NewsHour that the show doesn’t “have to go very far to find the material” for his impersonation.

“Nearly 90 percent of what we say and do are verbatim transcriptions of what Trump has said,” Baldwin said. “We don’t really have to go very far to find the material. Trump himself is just spewing it out on a daily basis or a weekly basis.

“So it’s not about politics, meaning I’m misstating or misquoting things that he said and did. That’s one of the jokes we told is that Trump would say how he hates the media, and he hates NBC and he hates ‘SNL,’ because 'I say things, and they repeat it right back to the public,' he would say. 'They repeat all the things I say.'

“Of course he’s tormented by the fact that we repeat all the things that he says.”

Baldwin says that while the show’s interpretation of Trump could turn off some Trump supporters, his voters “have far more important things to put their focus on.”

“And their inability to put their focus on that is their problem to deal with, and that is that Trump has betrayed nearly every promise he has made to them,” he said.

Baldwin won an Emmy earlier this year for his impersonation of Trump on "SNL," and said earlier this week that a White House insider told him that Melania Trump “loves” his impersonation.

The first lady’s spokeswoman pushed back on Baldwin’s claim, calling it “bizarre.”

"That is not true, which is why Mr. Baldwin has no actual names to go with his bizarre assertion," the spokeswoman said.