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Colbert spoofs Louie Gohmert’s Uranium One chart


“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert mocked Republicans on Friday with his own version of Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-Texas) Uranium One chart about the Obama-era decision allowing a Russian nuclear firm to buy a Canadian mining company with assets in the U.S.

Gohmert briefly displayed the chart during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


In Friday’s monologue, Colbert ridiculed the GOP lawmaker for saying that special counsel Robert Mueller’s connections to the Uranium One deal “stinks to high heaven.”

“You’re right it does stink,” Colbert joked. “Because Louie Gohmert just ‘charted.’ “

“Louie Gohmert: Stupid, but deadly,” he added.

Colbert then brought out a blown-up version of Gohmert’s chart to dissect during the monologue.

“Behold: The mouth of madness,” he said. “This is the actual chart Louie Gohmert held up … let’s play Candy Land.”

The CBS host ridiculed Gohmert for the chart, which he quickly noted shows several officials twice, including President Obama.

“Now, if you start here, at Barack Obama, and follow the line over, you get to White House staffer Ben Rhodes,” Colbert explained. “Then follow the line up, over here, to the left and down and over you get to…Obama again”

“My God, there’s two of them!” Colbert exclaimed, to laughter. “Is the second one of them still eligible to be president? Please?”

“But it’s all just a colorful distraction from the real story,” Colbert said, “the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. Luckily, I’ve got my own chart to lay out that scandal.”

Colbert then brought out his own chart, with just two boxes: One for President Trump, one for Russia.

“Now, watch carefully as I show you the complex link between our president and Russia,” Colbert joked while drawing a straight line between the two boxes. “Louie Gohmert, give me a call if this is too complicated for you.”

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