Late-night host Stephen Colbert mocked President Trump on Monday with a Christmas gift for the president: a pair of tiny handcuffs.

At the top of his monologue Monday night, the "Late Show" host joked about the special counsel "coming down the White House chimney," following the indictment of Michael Flynn.

"Well, it feels like Christmas is here," Colbert said. "Courtesy of Robert Mueller coming down the White House chimney with a sack full of subpoenas."

"Mr. President, I got you a gift, too," he added, revealing the tiny, finger-sized handcuffs. "I just hope they're not too big on you."


Mueller's ongoing investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia resulted last Friday in the indictment of Flynn, a former Trump campaign aide and national security adviser, for lying to the FBI.

Colbert responded to Flynn's guilty plea on Monday, joking that "as it turns out, that's against the law."

"Did you know that? Lot of people don't know that," Colbert added, doing an impersonation of Trump.

"And," he continued, "most of them work for me."

Remarking on Flynn's plea and agreement to cooperate with the special counsel's office, Colbert said that Flynn was "singing like a canary."

"Well, actually," Colbert amended, displaying a picture of an angry-looking Flynn in his military uniform: "More like an angry, shaved eagle."