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Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston mock climate change deniers with debate on gravity

Actresses Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston are taking shots at climate change deniers on the right by portraying a fake debate on the theory of gravity.

In the video, released Thursday as part of McCarthy’s guest-host appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” she and Aniston spar over the theory of “gravitivity,” which McCarthy calls “fake news.”

“Let’s look at the facts. The so-called ‘Theory of Gravitivity’ was conceived by Isaac Newton. That’s right — the guy from the cookie is trying to tell us to stay down,” McCarthy said.

“Every day, millions of schoolchildren are brainwashed into believing that they cannot fly,” she continues, before being interrupted by Aniston.


“Melissa, what are you talking about? People cannot fly,” Aniston responds. 

“Who told you that gravity is real?” McCarthy asked, as the words “Gravity Israel?” appear on screen.

“Uh, pretty much just like every scientist in the world,” Aniston responded.

“Exactly,” McCarthy shot back. “Every. Single. Scientist. Every single one? Isn’t that a little suspicious?”

The sketch ends with Aniston suspended from wires after the two stage a mock fight, with McCarthy revealing herself to be tied to an anvil on the ground.

“I bet you feel pretty stupid now, Jennifer,” McCarthy said to laughs. “I guess your Smart Water didn’t work.”

McCarthy hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday as part of a week of guest hosts while Kimmel attends a heart surgery for his son. He is expected to return next week.

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