'Parks and Recreation' actor hits FCC chair over net neutrality repeal
© Greg Nash

Actor Nick Offerman jabbed at Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai on Twitter on Thursday, slamming Pai in the voice of his popular "Parks and Recreation" character.

Offerman says he noticed Pai’s “Pyramid of Greatness” poster, a reproduction of the original found in the NBC sitcom, hanging in the FCC commissioner's office. The poster can be seen in video of a Vice interview with Pai.

“I noticed your Pyramid of Greatness and thought it felt strange in your office, given your stance. So I went to see Ron Swanson to ask if he’d care to weigh in,” Offerman wrote. He then attached a screenshot of a message that was “delivered” from Swanson.

“I’m flattered that my pyramid of greatness has inspired you,” the message reads. “I will remind you that the top category is Honor. Sadly, based on your duplicitous handling of the net neutrality issue, and the way you are willfully ignoring the public you claim to serve, I feel you may need that term defined. Which means, of course, that you don’t have it.”

Pai announced last month the FCC would vote in December to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules that require internet service providers to treat all web traffic equally.

As part of the proposal, regulation of internet service providers would also be turned over to the Federal Trade Commission.

Pai has ignored calls from Democrats and advocacy groups urging him to delay the vote and rejected a request from the New York attorney general’s office to investigate fake comments spamming the public comment period for the proposal.

Pai has also lashed out at celebrities for criticizing his plan to end the net neutrality rules, accusing them of using their “large online followings” to “give them outsized influence in shaping the public debate.”