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‘SNL’ game show asks contestants if Trump’s behavior ‘even matters anymore’


Actress Jessica Chastain hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week, as well as its mock game show “What Even Matters Anymore” — where contestants are quizzed on whether President Trump’s actions “even matter anymore.”

The skit poked at many of Trump’s past comments and actions as president, suggesting that people don’t really care about what he does.

“First question: The president refers to all nations as ‘poo-poo holes’ and says all Haitians ‘have AIDS’. Does it even matter anymore?” Chastain asks, referring to Trump’s recent comments during an Oval Office meeting.

“That’s really bad, that has to matter, yes,” a contestant played by Kate McKinnon answers. {mosads}

But Chastain responds: “Actually, it does not matter. Zero consequences and everyone moves on.”

The answer to question after question is “it doesn’t matter,” including questions for events that haven’t happened yet such as: “The president fires Robert Mueller, the very man who is investigating him for treason. Does it even matter anymore?” And with each answer, the host gets more and more frustrated that nothing matters.

In the final round of the competition, contestants are asked to write down what they think would matter enough for Trump to face some sort of consequences.

The three contestants’ answers — “Trump punches pope,” “cancels Olympics because flags are ‘gay,’ ” and “sex tape with Don. Jr.” — however, are all wrong, with Chastain saying none of them would matter. 

The game show concludes with Chastain declaring that “Nothing truly matters, none of it matters!” 

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