Actor and Broadway star Nathan Lane said Friday that he thinks President TrumpDonald John TrumpHillary Clinton responds to Chrissy Teigen tweet: 'I love you back' Police called after Florida moms refuse to wear face masks at school board meeting about mask policy Supreme Court rejects Trump effort to shorten North Carolina mail-ballot deadline MORE learned how to lie from his mentor, Roy Cohn, the attorney who also once helped Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) hunt for communists in America.

In an interview with CBS's "The Late Show," Lane, who is starring as Cohn in the play "Angels in America," told host Stephen Colbert that he thinks Trump learned a lot about how he acts today from the attorney, a famous "fixer" who mentored Trump. Cohn died in 1986.


"Really, what you learn [from watching the show] is what [Trump] learned from Roy Cohn: There are certain tactics that are very familiar, that Trump picked up from him," Lane said.

"You know, always go on the attack. The counterattack," Lane offered as examples. "Hit the accuser ten times harder and deflect. Never admit defeat. And outright lying if all else fails."

"So it's a much cruder version of what Roy Cohn used to do," Lane said. "[Cohn] was a brilliant guy, if only he had used it for good rather than evil. He certainly taught Trump very, very well and they were very close."

Lane's remarks were in response to a reported comment from Trump as reported by multiple news agencies, when Trump reportedly shouted, "Where's my Roy Cohn?" Trump was reportedly expressing frustration with his White House counsel's approach to the Russia probe.