Colbert on Trump: 'I don't hate him'

Stephen Colbert says he doesn’t hate President TrumpDonald TrumpCheney says a lot of GOP lawmakers have privately encouraged her fight against Trump Republicans criticizing Afghan refugees face risks DeVos says 'principles have been overtaken by personalities' in GOP MORE, no matter how much he mocks him on “The Late Show.”

“I don’t hate him,” Colbert told radio host Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show on Tuesday.

“I mistrust him. And he scares me,” Colbert said of Trump. “My mom wouldn’t allow us to hate.”

Asked by Stern if he feels the country is “in danger,” Colbert — who once referred to Trump’s presidency as “Disgrace the Nation” — replied, “I think that for a comedian and someone who is, whatever, boilerplate liberal, I’m conservative in some ways, that I believe in standards and norms.”


“I go to church. I believe in traditions. And I think that Donald Trump and the people who wind up following him are creating a bonfire of vanity in which they’re fueling with standards and norms of great American institutions,” said Colbert.

“I don’t have any responsibility to take both sides,” the CBS late-night host said. “I have a responsibility to give you my opinion.”

Trump, according to Colbert, has permanently changed the pace of the news cycle.

“If Donald Trump decides to take the veil and go to a convent tomorrow and is no longer president of the United States, I don’t think we’re ever going back in terms of the speed,” the comedian said.

When asked if Trump would benefit from a visit to a therapist, Colbert said he abides by the so-called Goldwater rule, which advises psychiatrists not to comment on the mental state of public figures whom they haven’t examined.

“I don’t know if he needs psychiatric help,” said Colbert. But, he added, “I think he should get high. I think he should smoke some weed.”