Jimmy Kimmel: Trump 'wants to do the right thing'

Jimmy Kimmel says despite his criticism of President TrumpDonald TrumpMajority of Americans in new poll say it would be bad for the country if Trump ran in 2024 ,800 bottle of whiskey given to Pompeo by Japan is missing Liz Cheney says her father is 'deeply troubled' about the state of the Republican Party MORE, he believes the commander in chief “wants to do the right thing.”

“I would love, first of all, for the president to come on my show,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host told “Good Morning America’s” Paula Faris in a Wednesday interview.

“Overall, I think I’d be curious why he’s changed his opinion on so many important things,” Kimmel said. “I do think there’s probably a person in there who knows what the right thing to do is, and who wants to do the right thing.”

The ABC late-night host has been increasingly been drawn into the political spotlight over the last year. In 2017, he revealed during his show’s opening monologue that his newborn son had a heart defect, before launching into an emotional defense of ObamaCare.

Last October, he called out lawmakers who said it was “too soon” to talk about gun control after a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Asked in the “Good Morning America” interview if there’s a danger in being "too political,” Kimmel replied, “Not at all. I don’t think you can go too far.”


“I think that, you know, I’m still doing a comedy show, and I need to be funny, and entertain my audience. But I also think that we’ve matured enough to the point we can accept late-night talk show hosts speaking about a serious subject, and I think that it’s almost necessary now,” Kimmel said.

When pressed on his response to critics who might question a comedian delving into politics, Kimmel responded, “I’m an American, that’s who I am.”

“A lot of people are going with this line of reasoning where they say people in show business shouldn’t speak out about politics, and yet they elected Donald Trump the president of the United States,” the 50-year-old host said of the former "Celebrity Apprentice" star. “So I think that argument has pretty well jumped out the window.”

Kimmel, who’s returning as host of the 90th annual Academy Awards on Sunday, said with much of the focus in Hollywood on sexual misconduct and the #MeToo movement, there’s some concern about his Oscars one-liners.

“I do worry about that because I have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life,” he said with a laugh. “So I do think about that.”

When Faris asked how he’ll know if he goes too far at the Oscars ceremony, Kimmel replied, “I’m sure the internet will tell me.”