Michelle Obama meets 2-year-old in awe of her portrait
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Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaObama attends UNC-Duke basketball game Obama introduces himself as 'Michelle's husband' at leadership forum The Hill's Morning Report - Can Bernie recapture 2016 magic? MORE on Tuesday met the 2-year-old girl who was photographed staring up in awe at the former first lady's new portrait in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. 

A photograph of Parker Curry in front of the portrait went viral last week. 

"Parker was in front on the portrait, and I really wanted her to turn around so I could get a picture with her, and she genuinely, honestly would not turn around," her mother, Jessica Curry, told CNN.

"In further discussion with [Parker] yesterday and today, I realized that she believes Michelle Obama is a queen, and she wants to be a queen as well," Curry said.

"As a female and as a girl of color, It's really important that I show her people who look like her that are doing amazing things and are making history so that she knows she can do it."

The former first lady's portrait was unveiled at the gallery along with former President Obama's last month. 

Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald was chosen to paint the first lady's portrait.

Michelle Obama said she was "was a little overwhelmed, to say the least," after the painting debuted.