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Alan Dershowitz joins Harvey Weinstein defense team

Former O.J. Simpson defense attorney and prominent legal commentator Alan Dershowitz has joined the defense team of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct.

In court papers first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Dershowitz, a vocal defender of President Trump in the ongoing probes into Russia’s election interference, declares himself as a legal consultant to Benjamin Brafman, Weinstein’s attorney. Dershowitz argues in the court filing that Weinstein and his attorney should be allowed to review personal and business emails obtained by prosecutors in discovery.

{mosads}”I have agreed to consult on the specific issue of Mr. Brafman’s access to his client’s personal and business emails. On information and belief, it is my professional opinion that Mr. Brafman has the right to see and review these emails in order to prepare his constitutionally-mandated role as counsel to Mr. Weinstein,” Dershowitz writes.

“Mr. Brafman has the right to defend his client in the courts of law, in negotiations with prosecutors, in resolving civil claims in negotiation with civil lawyers and in the court of public opinion,” he adds.

Dershowitz, an opinion contributor for The Hill, also reportedly informed the judge he is prepared to write a memorandum in support of Brafman’s right to view the emails.

Weinstein is currently under investigation by California and New York law enforcement over multiple allegations of sexual assault and other misconduct stretching back decades. No charges have yet been filed.

In recent months, Dershowitz has repeatedly defended Trump and attacked the scope of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation as a commentator CNN and Fox News.

“There never should have been an appointment of special counsel and there was no probable cause that crimes were committed,” Dershowitz said in March. “I’ve seen no credible evidence that crimes were committed by the president.”

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