Studio to release new Kevin Spacey movie despite sexual misconduct allegations
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The movie “Billionaire Boys Club,” in which embattled actor Kevin Spacey plays a supporting role, will be released later this summer, Entertainment Weekly reported on Tuesday.

The movie will be on both video on demand and in theaters despite multiple sexual misconduct allegations made against Spacey, who has been accused of creating a “toxic” work environment.

Vertical Entertainment, the distributor of the movie, said that the movie will be released digitally on July 17 and will have a limited theatrical run starting on August 17.


In a statement given to Entertainment Weekly, Vertical said, “We hope these distressing allegations pertaining to one person’s behavior — that were not publicly known when the film was made almost 2.5 years ago and from someone who has a small, supporting role in Billionaire Boys Club — does not tarnish the release of the film.”

“At the same time, this is neither an easy nor insensitive decision to release this film in theaters, but we believe in giving the cast, as well as hundreds of crew members who worked hard on the film, the chance to see their final product reach audiences,” the statement added.

Actor Anthony Rapp said last October that Spacey had made sexual advances toward him when he was 14. Spacey put out a statement apologizing to Rapp and coming out as gay.

Soon after, several of Spacey’s coworkers on the Netflix show “House of Cards” accused him of sexual harassment.

Netflix dropped Spacey from the show and a sexual assault case against the actor is reportedly being reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

In November, the Old Vic Theatre in London also said it had received 20 allegations of inappropriate behavior by Spacey during his time as artistic director of the theater.

The decision to release "Billionaires Boys Club" comes after a separate film last year, "All the Money in the World," went into last-minute reshoots after a role played by Spacey was recast following the allegations.