NBA star makes donation to save his high school from closing
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Brooklyn Nets basketball player Allen Crabbe reportedly saved his alma mater from closing after making a substantial donation to the school.

The shooting guard reportedly gave Frederick K.C. Price III Christian School in South Los Angeles a six-figure donation to keep the school up and running, TMZ Sports first reported Friday.

ESPN confirmed the donation made to the school, which was facing closure because enrollment and “fiscal quotas” weren’t being met.


Without adequate funding, the school's existing 175 students were going to be forced to enroll elsewhere, TMZ reported.

“Then it seems that a miracle happened,” according to a statement from the school.

The school will remain open thanks, in part, to Crabbe’s undisclosed donation.

“I was at that school practically my whole life,” Allen said in the statement. “I’m just happy and feeling blessed to be in a position now to do this.”

Crabbe's grandfather, Frederick K.C. Price, founded the private Christian school three decades ago, according to ESPN.

Crabbe graduated from the school in 2010 before attending the University of California. He was drafted into the NBA in 2013.

The school retired his No. 23 jersey in 2015.