Weinstein accuser says she was sidelined at news station where she worked after coming forward
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A reporter at a Los Angeles Fox station says that the station where she worked demoted her after she accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct.

Lauren Sivan told news outlet TheWrap that she used to work three shifts weekly for Fox’s KTTV, until she came forward with her story to HuffPost reporter Yashar Ali.

Sivan accused Weinstein of masturbating into a plant in front of her at a restaurant, one of the first of dozens of accounts of sexual harassment and assault that led to Weinstein’s downfall as a a Hollywood mega-producer.


“I just felt like the station that I put my heart and soul into for seven years just used it as an excuse to get rid of me,” she told TheWrap.

After the HuffPost story was published, Sivan claims she was taken off-air for about two weeks, and then put back on less-desirable shifts.

“I was no longer covering the A-block stories,” she said. “I was sent out to cover a kid who got bit by a dog.”

Since her account was published in October, Sivan said, she has only worked a total of six shifts at the station. She has not appeared on-air since February.

A spokesperson for KTTV and news director Kris Knutsen did not return TheWrap's requests for comment.

Another employee at KTTV told TheWrap that they were surprised the station did not give Sivan a platform to come forward, though she says that she offered the story to one of the station’s producers, who turned it down.

“Everyone in the newsroom was surprised that we didn’t give her a platform to tell her story,” the employee said.

Sivan, who now hosts a daily radio show and an Oxygen crime show, said that the station recently reached out to her for comment on Weinstein’s arrest in May.

They had the nerve to call me after I lost my job,” she told TheWrap. “They called me to give them a soundbite and that made me so angry.”

Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to several charges of felony sexual assault, and is facing up to life in prison.