CBS late show host Stephen Colbert sharply criticized his network's president, Les Moonves, on Monday over multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations revealed against the CBS CEO in The New Yorker.

During a second monologue on his show dedicated specifically to the allegations leveled by six women, including Emmy-nominated actress Ileana Douglas, Colbert stated that the idea of accountability was “meaningless” unless it was demanded of “their guy.”


“I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do believe in accountability, and not just for politicians you disagree with,” Colbert said. “Everybody believes in accountability until it’s their guy, and, make no mistake, Les Moonves is my guy.”

“He hired me to sit in this chair,” he explained. “He stood behind this show while we were finding our voice. He gave us the time and the resources to succeed. He has stood by us when people were mad at me, and I like working for him. But accountability is meaningless unless it’s for everybody, whether it’s for the leader of a network or the leader of the free world.”

Colbert also mocked Moonves during his show's opening, joking that Moonves would have his show canceled over his coverage of The New Yorker's reporting.

“Well, I guess we’re talking about this,” Colbert said, before laying out the allegations. “I heard there was an article about CBS chairman and man I hope isn’t watching tonight’s monologue, Les Moonves.”

“Are we still broadcasting?” he added after the break. “You know what? Don’t tell me, I like a surprise.”

Moonves has been accused by six women of forcibly kissing and groping them during business meetings, and retaliating against their careers if they protested.

CBS announced Monday that it was “in the process of selecting outside counsel to conduct an independent investigation” of the claims against Moonves while the longtime CBS chief remains in control of the company.

The New Yorker reported that Moonves “denies any characterization of 'sexual assault,' intimidation, or retaliatory action.” Moonves did acknowledge trying to kiss actress and writer Illeana Douglas, according to the statement provided to The New Yorker.

Moonves is the latest high-profile individual to be accused of sexual misconduct since the start of the “Me Too” movement last year.

Harvey Weinstein, Matt LauerCharlie Rose and Louis C.K. are among the prominent media and entertainment figures to be accused of harassment.