Gorka: If Russell Crowe gets 'back into the gym,' he could play me in a movie
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Sebastian GorkaSebastian Lukacs GorkaGorka says Jeanine Pirro is 'absolutely right' to suggest Omar's hijab means she's against Constitution Trump Jr. defends Tucker Carlson: 'This is how to handle the outrage mob' Fox News confirms exit of Eboni K. Williams MORE says there's at least one actor who might be a (somewhat) good fit to play him: Russell Crowe.

"A lot of people tell me I remind them of Russell Crowe," Gorka, a former Trump White House aide, told ITK on Wednesday at the premiere of Dinesh D'Souza's "Death of a Nation.”

"And hopefully Russell Crowe in his heyday, not today," Gorka, 47, added with a grin.


"So I don't know. Anybody with a weird accent," the British-born Hungarian-American said.

When ITK remarked that Gorka appeared to be taking a dig at the 54-year-old Academy Award winner, who grew up in New Zealand and Australia, he replied, "Look, he doesn't look like he did when he was in 'Gladiator.'"

Crowe starred as a musclebound warrior in the 2000 film. He later gained a reported 63 pounds for a role in the 2008 movie "Body of Lies."

"He needs to get back into the gym," Gorka said.

"So Russell, if you're listening: Get back on the treadmill," Gorka exclaimed.