Trump replaced furniture Melania picked out before she moved into White House: NYT

President Trump reportedly replaced White House furniture that first lady Melania Trump had picked out in favor of items he preferred before she moved in. 

The New York Times reported on Friday that before the first lady officially moved into the White House in June of last year, she had selected furniture for the residence. But Trump, whose tastes reportedly differ from that of his third wife, replaced the pieces with multiple items he liked better, The Times reported. 

Someone familiar with the action told The Times that it was an example of President Trump's tendency to not relent on any kind of request from Melania Trump. 

Stephanie Grisham, Melania's communications director, pushed back against the story, telling The Times that the furniture replacement was coordinated between the president and first lady. 

"They both chose the décor," she said.

Grisham declined to comment any further to The Hill.


"[Melania] is staying true to the independent woman that she is by doing things her own way," Grisham wrote in an email to The Times. "This should be celebrated, not criticized. Her priorities remain her family, her personal health and her role as first lady."