Celebrities in UK send 1.3M to legal-advice helpline, Northern Irish rape crisis service
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A fund created by British celebrities announced last week that it has put more than $1.3 million toward female victims of sexual harassment or abuse.

The Justice and Equality Fund was launched earlier this year as part of the "Time's Up" movement, with the support of actresses including Emma Thompson, Gemma Chan, Keira Knightley and Emma Watson.

The fund reported it has sent money to seven different women's organizations, including more than $263,000 to a rape crisis service in Northern Ireland, according to the announcement.


"Following funding cuts, Northern Ireland has been without a rape crisis service for the last 12 years," Watson said in the announcement. "That's an incredibly dire situation, now alleviated by the tireless efforts of organizers and your donations to the JEF crowdfunder."

In addition to its work in Northern Ireland, the fund said it sent money to a project aimed to help ethnic minority and migrant women and a legal advice helpline, among other initiatives.

Watson said, "This first round of Justice and Equality Fund grants is pivotal in supporting the dynamic work of vital UK women's organizations like London Black Women's Project, who provide specialist advice and support to women of color and migrant survivors of abuse."