Matthew McConaughey visits first responders in Houston
© Getty Images

Actor Matthew McConaughey visited firefighters, police officers and 911 operators in Houston on Monday to show his gratitude — and share some whiskey — on National First Responders Day.

“This year, I said, ‘Let me get you down here to my home state,’ and what’s a good place to go,” McConaughey told The Associated Press in an interview.

“[Hurricane] Harvey just hit last August here. So much of Houston was under water," the "Dallas Buyers Club" star said. "We’re going around here today, delivering a turkey, a little bourbon and a little gratitude to the men and women who responded first when that disaster hit."


McConaughey made the deliveries as a part of his promotion for Wild Turkey, for which he is creative director and spokesman. He reportedly did not share any of the bourbon with responders who were currently on duty.

McConaughey also met with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who told the AP that McConaughey embodied the spirit of Texas and Houston with his act of generosity as well as by "never forgetting his roots."

McConaughey also voted while visiting the city, he told AP. 

The actor commented that the U.S. seems polarized and divided, but said he believes it is a passing thing.

"[W]e’ll come out on the other side," he told the news agency. "We’ll find our proverbial water line.”