Spotify launches custom state playlists for midterms

Spotify this week released playlists customized to each state for next week's midterm elections, part of an effort to boost voter turnout on Nov 6.

Every user 18 and over will receive messages from the app reminding them to vote, along with a playlist. Each compilation highlights music that is popular in the state.


New York's playlist includes music from Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and Lady Gaga. Tennessee's has country hits and Alaska's has some white noise tracks for listeners trying to sleep through the midnight sun.

Spotify will include a link to, which directs voters to their polling location.

"With midterm elections quickly approaching, Spotify is encouraging voting-eligible users and employees to show up to the polls because everyone -- employees, artists, and fans alike -- deserves to have their voices heard on the things that matter most to them," a Spotify spokesperson said in a statement.