Comedy Central is poking fun at star-studded get-out-the-vote pushes in its first ever voter engagement campaign.

“All Americans are asking themselves the same questions: How will I know if I should vote if celebrities don’t tell me to?” actors say in the new video from the cable network, released Thursday.

“Does Emma Stone think I should vote? What about John Krasinski?” some wonder aloud.


“Many normal Americans like us don’t know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do,” the actors says.

“Tom Holland, Tom Hardy, Thomas the Tank Engine: Should I vote?” one asks.

The video is part of the launch of the network’s #ShouldWeVote campaign, which urges fans to tag their favorite celebrity with the hashtag.

Comedy Central’s vice president of social impact strategy, Erika Soto Lamb, tells ITK the channel was aiming to find “a new, and different, and super-funny way to reach Americans ahead of the critically important midterm elections” on Tuesday.

Many Hollywood stars — from Cher, to Julianne Moore, to Sarah Jessica Parker — have been out in full force ahead of the midterms, appearing in get-out-the-vote PSAs and taking to social media to encourage their fans to head to the polls.

Soto Lamb says her network wanted to do a “little tongue-in-cheek” play on the celeb-driven voting messages, and mock the idea that Americans need to be told to vote in a “light” and “friendly” way.

Research about their audience showed that Comedy Central’s viewers are more politically engaged than the average American, according to the network.

Soto Lamb says the goal was to do more than just tell fans to vote. “We wanted to give them something that they could use to share and drive up social conversations so it’s not just them voting, but also everyone they know voting, which then has this much broader effect of getting people to the polls.”

But what about folks who just want to laugh, without politics being part of their viewing experience?

“This doesn’t pull away from what we do,” says Soto Lamb. “Everything Comedy Central does is super-funny. This PSA isn’t a harpy, go vote message. It’s also done in a really funny way that I hope will be well-received by our audience.”