Sarah Jessica Parker, Lena Dunham, Henry Winkler and other HBO stars are sharing a last-minute Election Day message, urging fans of their shows to head to the ballot boxes.

“It’s not just any Tuesday,” Parker, star of “Divorce,” says into the camera in a video released by the network and nonprofit group Rock the Vote on Election Day.


“Tuesdays are for voting,” says former “Girls” actress Dunham.

“Get out and vote,” says “Game of Thrones” writer George R.R. Martin.

“Go. Now. Vote,” says a stern-faced “Westworld” actor Ed Harris.

The video isn’t the first get-out-the-vote push produced by Rock the Vote and HBO. The media company and the nonprofit organization had released another public service announcement (PSA) on National Voter Registration Day in September, featuring a lineup of HBO performers standing silently.

“HBO actors want viewers to turn everything off, to stop watching and to go vote,” Rock the Vote President Carolyn DeWitt said in a statement about the Election Day video. “It's a powerful message you don't typically hear from entertainment companies, but it goes to show how much is at stake in this election and how HBO believes in the power of each and every vote.”

Countless Hollywood stars — from Cher, to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to Julianne Moore — have filmed PSAs or taken to social media in voter engagement efforts ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections.

“Voting is one of the most important rights we have as American citizens,” said Jason Mulderig, HBO’s vice president of brand and product marketing.