Adam McKay, director of a new biopic about former Vice President Dick Cheney, said he would vote for President TrumpDonald John TrumpJulián Castro: It's time for House Democrats to 'do something' about Trump Warren: Congress is 'complicit' with Trump 'by failing to act' Sanders to join teachers, auto workers striking in Midwest MORE over former President George W. Bush "any day of the week."

"I would choose Trump over Bush and Cheney," McKay said in a Hollywood Reporter article published Monday.


"Dick Cheney was the safe-cracker, the professional you brought in who knew all the ins and outs of our government," McKay said. "He was the ultimate gamesman."

"With Trump, the front door to the White House is wide open," he added. "There's deer and dogs and hyenas running around. And this guy is like an orangutan just throwing shit around." 

McKay said Trump "has no belief system," whereas Cheney, if he "had stayed in office ... would have invaded Iran."

Cheney was widely known as a war hawk who helped engineer the war in Iraq.

"I would take the hyenas, the random wild animals running through the White House over Cheney any day of the week," McKay said.

McKay's new movie "Vice," which comes out at the end of December, documents Cheney's rise to power and his involvement in the Iraq war. It stars Hollywood heavy-hitters such as Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Steve Carrell.

The filmmaker also told The Hollywood Reporter that he anticipates "backlash" to the movie from Republicans as well as "the Bob Woodwards of the world," referencing the legendary Watergate journalist who wrote extensively about the George W. Bush administration.

"I think there's going to be a backlash from the Bob Woodwards of the world," McKay told the news publication. "Their idea was, 'Bush is smarter than you think. He actually did a lot.' I did a lot of research on that."

"And boy, do I strongly disagree," he said. "I couldn't find any evidence that Bush was surprisingly competent. I just didn't see it."

McKay, a former Saturday Night Live writer who openly supports left-leaning political candidates, also torched former President Clinton during the interview, saying he "killed the Democratic party."

"I legitimately think Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonTrump sues to block NY prosecutors' subpoena for his tax returns Most voters say there is too much turnover in Trump administration RNC spokeswoman on 2020 GOP primary cancellations: 'This is not abnormal' MORE is one of the worst presidents in the modern age," McKay said. "I think his presidency has aged so poorly: the deregulating of the banks. His personal life [in light of] the #MeToo movement. Like, shame on all of us."

"They let that guy off the hook," McKay added. "I think he killed the Democratic Party. … I would say [former Republican presidential candidate] Jeb [Bush] over Bill Clinton."