Members of the National Park Service and The White House Historical Association unveiled a large-scale Lego model of the White House on Monday.

The 1:30 scale mode, on display at the White House Visitor Center, includes between 100,000 and 115,000 Lego pieces. It stands two-and-a-half feet tall and took four builders 825 hours to finish.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony featured remarks from Curtis Sandberg, of The White House Historical Association; John Stanwich, liaison to the White House for the National Park Service; and Henrik Bramsen Hahn, the deputy chief of mission of the Danish Embassy.


Stanwich said that one of the missions of the park service is to educate the public about the White House and its grounds.

“We are very excited to have in our visitor center a White House made out of Legos,” he said. “I think this exhibit will help to do that for people of all ages."

Sandberg said the White House Historical Association saw the Lego White House as a project that “would not only be educational but would be fun for us, too."

The model was created for Lego's Americana Roadshow, which also included models of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Old North Church in Boston. Hahn, from the Danish Embassy, spoke to the cultural significance of Legos, calling the toy company from his home country “one of the most powerful and acknowledged brands on the planet.”

In Denmark, Hahn said, the toys are “an integrated part of your childhood.”

The Lego White House will be on display at the White House Visitor Center through Jan. 27.