Fox News anchor Chris Wallace shared tips for keeping Thanksgiving dinner arguments from getting out of hand during an appearance Monday on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

"I'm Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. You may know me from your parent's TV when you go home to do laundry," Wallace said. "I'm used to moderating presidential debates and political roundtables but there is nothing more combative than the Thanksgiving dinner table."

He offered several comical ways to resolve disputes.


"If your family is fighting about whether to serve roasted turkey or fried turkey, just go ahead and serve them Wild Turkey until they're too drunk to argue," he suggested, referring to a brand of bourbon.

"Have an especially argumentative family? Baste your turkey with extra tryptophan," he said. "They'll be napping on the couch before anyone can chant, 'Lock her up!'"

He also suggested proper table etiquette.

"The dinner table is no place for fighting, so make sure to set up a battle pit in the backyard and leave room for the kid's battle pit," he said. "Do not let people leave the table without saying, 'Excuse me' or 'Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy.'"

Wallace also offered advice on how to end the meal.

"Can't decide who has to clean up after Thanksgiving dinner?" he said. "Do the smart thing. Just move."