Rep. Debbie DingellDeborah (Debbie) Ann DingellMichigan city declines to renew contract with ICE to hold detainees Gun reform groups to pressure GOP senators with rallies in all 50 states Automakers rebuff Trump, strike fuel efficiency deal with California MORE (D-Mich.) is celebrating the “most blunderful time of the year” with her annual holiday jingle.

The lawmaker released the “Dingell Jingle” on Thursday, marking an end-of-the-year tradition first started by her husband. Former Rep. John DingellJohn DingellMcCain and Dingell: Inspiring a stronger Congress Pelosi should take a page from Tip O'Neill's playbook Alaskan becomes longest serving Republican in House history MORE (D-Mich.), who retired from Congress in 2015, released a holiday song every year beginning in the 1990’s.


This year’s politically charged jingle by the congresswoman is set to the 1963 classic Christmastime tune, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

“It’s the most blunderful time of the year/With the president yelling/And surrogates saying…it’s fine, do not fear,” goes the #ThisTown-esque rhyme.

Dingell, 65, takes aim at President TrumpDonald John TrumpDavid Axelrod after Ginsburg cancer treatment: Supreme Court vacancy could 'tear this country apart' EU says it will 'respond in kind' if US slaps tariffs on France Ginsburg again leaves Supreme Court with an uncertain future MORE, writing: “It’s the mad-maddest season of all/With 4 a.m. tweeting and Oval Office meetings/And not getting his wallll.”

The House is set to vote Thursday on a seven-week government funding measure, already approved by the Senate, that fails to meet Trump’s previous demand of $5 billion for Trump’s proposed southern border wall.

“There’ll be tax cuts not working/Healthcare for fixing/And potholes still covered in snow. There’ll be scary false stories/And tales of the glories of infrastructure bills of long, long ago,” another verse reads.

The jingle praises members of Dingell’s party: “There’s a new Speaker hosting/The Blue Wave is growing/And some decency back in D.C. There’ll be compromise needed/And working together/To get the bipartisanship of long, long agooooo.”

Below are the complete lyrics to the 2018 song:

It’s the most blunderful time of year
With the President yelling 
And surrogates saying…

    it’s fine do not fear

    it will be different next yearrrr

    there’s nothing to fearrrr

It’s the most blunderful time of the year

It’s the mad-maddest season of all
With 4am tweeting and oval office meetings
And not getting his wallll
It’s the mad-maddest season of all

There’ll be tax cuts not working
Healthcare for fixing
And potholes still covered in snow
There’ll be scary false stories
And tales of the glories of
Infrastructure bills of long, long ago

It’s the most ridiculous time, of the year
There’ll be many late-night meetings 
And coffefe flowing
When Individual 1’s shutdown draws near
It’s the most ridiculous time of the year

There’s a new Speaker hosting
The Blue Wave is growing
And some decency back in DC
There’ll be compromise needed
And working together
To get the bipartisanship of long, long agooooo

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
There is more that unites us
Than which divides us
When we hold others dear
It’s the most blunderful time
Yes, the most maddening time
But the most wonderful time
Of the year