OkCupid to fund date night for furloughed government employees
© Facebook: OKCupid

OkCupid is picking up the tab for furloughed government employees this week with a “DTFund Date Night” event.

The dating app is offering two free drinks for workers with a government ID “until the tab runs out” on Thursday and Friday at Washington, D.C.’s Gaslight Tavern. 

Federal employees are set to miss their second paycheck on Friday as the ongoing partial government shutdown approaches its sixth week.


The Senate is set to vote Thursday on two competing proposals to reopen the government, but both are expected to fail.

OkCupid is just one of now-dozens of businesses, celebrities, restaurants and other organizations working to aid federal employees who may be facing financial strain due to the missed paychecks.

The event's title, "DTFund Date Night," fits in with the app’s “DTF” ad campaign, a play on the pick-up line acronym “DTF" that features slogans like “Down to Fall Head Over Heels” and “Down to Farmer’s Market.”