Samantha Bee parodies Washington Post ad in teaser for 'Not the White House Correspondents Dinner'
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Comedian Samantha Bee on Monday shared what appeared to be a parody of The Washington Post's Super Bowl ad as she teased her upcoming event "Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner."

"Tom Hanks and I have the same voice coach," Bee said on Twitter, a reference to the actor who narrated The Post's 60-second commercial that aimed to highlight the importance of journalism. "See you April 27th on TBS."

The tweet includes a 39-second video in the style of The Post's advertisement, featuring historic images from events such as World War II. It later pans over to scenes from past presidents at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. 

Bee's event is designed as an alternative to the iconic Washington, D.C., press dinner.

"When we go off to war. When we exercise our rights. When we’re brave enough to be on television after the age of 49. When the White House Correspondents Association can’t face a comedian one damn night a year then it’s time for us to step up," Bee says. 

The group that hosts the dinner decided not have a comedian host the event this year, as it has typically done in the past, following intense controversy over the comedy act last year.


"And by us I mean me," Bee says as the screen promotes her program with the slogan, "Knowing keeps April 27th free." The final message in The Post's ad was "knowing keeps us free."

The announcement from Bee, the TBS “Full Frontal” host, comes about two years after she first hosted the "Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner," which was cast as an alternative to the real White House Correspondents’ Association (WCHA) dinner in Washington.

The dinner raised nearly $200,000 for the Committee to Protect Journalists and included Will Ferrell as a special guest. Bee decided not to host the event in 2018. 

The event is set to take place the same day as the actual White House Correspondents' Dinner this year, which historian Ron Chernow is slated to headline. 

President Trump has not attended the annual event since entering the White House, but past presidents did and typically presented a comedic speech.