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Bill Maher to Dems: ‘Let’s not eat our own’ in 2020

HBO host Bill Maher on Friday urged Democrats to abandon the idea of a perfect 2020 presidential candidate, telling the party not to "eat our own" in the run-up to the race.

"No more swiping left on presidential candidates. Nearly 45 million Americans now identify themselves as Democrats, and all of them are running for president," Maher joked on his show Friday evening.

"This time, let's give them a chance. Let's not eat our own the way we nitpicked Hillary [Clinton] to death over her emails and other bullshit," he said.

Maher then defended a number of 2020 candidates who he suggested had been criticized by Democrats unfairly.

"[Sen.] Kamala Harris has already had to play defense because it's come out when she was a prosecutor she prosecuted people. Not very progressive. She should have found a way to apply more forgiveness, and the fact that she didn't is unforgivable," he quipped of the California Democrat.

"[Sen.] Elizabeth Warren [D-Mass.] claimed to be Native American - so what, Trump claimed to be human," he added.

"Bernie Sanders, we used to like him, but he didn't personally chaperone everyone on his campaign, so he's a sex monster once removed," Maher continued, referencing accusations from several women who said they experienced sexual harassment and sexism while working on Sanders's 2016 presidential campaign. Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, has not entered the 2020 race, but is seen as likely to.

Harris led a CNN analysis of Democratic 2020 power rankings published Thursday, ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is widely expected to enter the race, Warren and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.).