CIA tweets about 'Black Panther' and 'Wakandan technology' during Oscars
© Getty Images

The CIA waded into the discussion of Sunday night's Academy Awards by tweeting about vibranium, a fictional substance that is prominent in the film "Black Panther."

The Marvel movie won three Oscars on Sunday night, and the CIA chimed in three times via Twitter to tell followers that the versatile substance found in Wakanda is not real.


"The #vibranium in Black Panther’s suit protects him from kinetic damage, & vibranium sneakers are both super-quiet & amazing shock absorbers for jumping. Those would be great for spies, right?" the agency tweeted. "Too bad vibranium isn’t real."

The CIA then sent a tweet linking to an article in which an agency scientist elaborates on technologies and substances that possess similar qualities to vibranium, such as tungsten carbide.

The CIA's tweets sparked a range of reactions among social media users. Some expressed confusion, while others mocked the agency and others took a jab at its history of meddling in foreign affairs.