Comedians, media figures mourn death of Tim Conway

Tributes poured in from comedy and entertainment figures Tuesday after the announcement of comedian Tim Conway’s death at 85.

Conan O’Brien said in a Tuesday tweet that “no one made me laugh harder” than Conway, most famous for his work on “The Carol Burnett Show.” Conway won three acting Emmys and another for writing for his work on the show, later winning two more for guest appearances in 1996 on “Coach” and in 2008 on “30 Rock.”

Writer-director Judd Apatow called Conway “pure comedy” and “riotously funny,” adding “I finally got to see him work when he guest starred on The Larry Sanders show and he was all I dreamed he would be. As kind as he was funny.

NBC’s Al Roker also paid tribute to the late comedian, calling a sketch he performed with costar Harvey Korman “still one of the funniest 9:00 you will watch on TV.” Conway was well-known for causing Korman to break character and laugh during their sketches together.

Comedian Andy Richter called Conway “one of my heroes,” recounting an anecdote where they met to “rehearse” before a comedy festival and Conway “made me laugh for a solid hour.”

Kathy Griffin also praised Conway, calling him both “a kind, soft-spoken man” and “a wildly talented, comedy giant.”