Cole Sprouse encourages men to get more involved in fight for women's abortion rights
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Actor Cole Sprouse is calling on men to educate themselves more about the ongoing nationwide discussion surrounding abortion and its “future repercussions” as more states across the country pass measures significantly restricting the procedure.

"Google is free. May not be the most credible source of information, but try to arm yourselves in an understanding of the conversation around abortion and its future repercussions,” Sprouse said in one of a series of posts shared to his Instagram on Thursday. “Especially talking to you — boys." 


"There's no doubt that legislation like the abortion ban in Alabama is aimed at the larger goal of prohibiting abortion nationwide,” the “Riverdale” actor continued. “Don't be fooled by a representative claiming to be 'protecting the life of the unborn' when it is almost always carried with a blatant disregard for the life, voice, and choice of the living woman deciding what she does with her own body."

"When it is almost always coupled with the lack of support for sustainable social and medical services for the child after it is born,” Sprouse wrote. “They don't care about the life of the unborn, they simply want to profit upon it."

A day before Sprouse’s comments, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) made national headlines when she signed legislation banning abortion in nearly all cases in the state, including in instances of rape or incest.

If enacted, the bill, which is already facing legal challenges from Planned Parenthood, would make performing abortion a crime punishable by up to 99 years in prison. Ivey acknowledged the law is "unenforceable," but proponents hope it will lead to a legal fight that could eventually challenge Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision establishing the right to an abortion.

In the past several weeks, states including Ohio and Georgia have passed or advanced measures dubbed “heartbeat” bills that ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat becomes detectable. 

“This is not ‘just one state,’ the following months and 2020 election will have a tremendous impact on nationwide’s women’s rights,” Sprouse wrote. “We now live under a Republican majority Supreme Court, and so fundamentalist or Republican anti-abortion laws aimed at being passed today are much more likely to be. Stay vigilant. They try to catch you while you sleep.”

The actor also shared a link to Women Help Women, a nonprofit which its website states works to connect activist and organizations worldwide in efforts to “increase the availability of reproductive health choices.”

“Don’t forget there is a community available to help,” Sprouse added.