Coke bringing back 'New Coke' campaign in honor of 'Stranger Things'
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Coca-Cola is bringing back "New Coke" as part of a promotional campaign in collaboration with Netflix's "Stranger Things."

The soft drink that drew wide backlash from consumers in 1985 will be available for a limited time and appear in several episodes of the supernatural thriller set in the 1980s.


Representatives of both companies said that no money changed hands in the product-placement deal.

The beverage campaign comes as Netflix tries to ramp up its corporate partnerships to recruit even more people to its streaming service.

Netflix confirmed to The Hill that H&M and other retailers will sell clothes that replicate what the "Stranger Things" characters wear. Baskin-Robbins will serve new flavors in reference to the show's Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor.

These corporate-partnerships give Netflix a way to promote its product without interrupting shows with commercials.