Pop star Kesha questions what the world would be like if it were not ruled by "rich, straight, white men" in her newest song.

The singer posted a video for her song “Rich, White, Straight, Men,” to YouTube on Sunday. It shows a woman repeatedly giving the middle finger.


In the track, the singer calls for equal treatment of members of the LGBTQ community and calls for equal pay for women. 

According to Rolling Stone, the lyrics include:

“And if you are a boy who loves a boy/You’ll get a wedding cake and all/And if you are a lady and you do your lady work/Then you will make as many dollars as the boys/Not just two thirds.”

She also sings “How I wish the world was different/Where who you love and who you are/Was nobody’s f---ing business.”

Kesha has previously been outspoken on women's rights issues and in 2014 accused her producer, Dr. Luke, of sexual abuse.

She has made appearances on Capitol Hill to speak about the issue and also performed at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.