Alexis Ohanian wants Congress to make paid paternity leave the 'law of the land'
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Alexis Ohanian, the Reddit co-founder and husband of Serena Williams, is fighting for Congress to make paid paternity leave a guaranteed right.

Ohanian, who famously took 16 weeks of paternity leave after the birth of daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., told "Good Morning America" he has joined forces with Dove MEN+CARE to get more people to sign the Pledge of Paternity. The pledge asks signees to join its mission “to make paid paternity leave the new standard” and says the company is committing to using $1 million to “fund paternity leave for real dads so they can take this meaningful time off.”


When discussing his mission to get fathers mandated paternity leave, Ohanian told "Good Morning America" that he hopes to soon “be meeting with many senators, representatives, plenty of dads, on both sides of the aisle, in both houses of the legislature, who want this to be the law of the land. 

"What we are looking for is some minimum number of weeks of leave,” he continued.

"I use 16 [weeks] as the example that we use in our office and that’s really, that is the bare minimum when you look across the world," Ohanian said. "If there is a new child entering your life, you should be able to spend time with them."

"Even with all the financial advantages we have, even with everything else we have going for us, seeing my wife, I mean literally with a hole still in her abdomen, and then my newborn daughter, seeing our family in that situation, that was the only priority I had in my life for those weeks," he continued.

"Had I not had the peace of mind of knowing that I had a job that I could go back to,” Ohanian said, “it would have been so traumatizing." 

Ohanian went on to say that he hopes his efforts to get mandated leave for new dads will have a “huge impact on maternity leave” too. 

"If more and more dads are taking the time off, if it becomes so normalized that any time any employee, man or woman, is going to have a child, then it destigmatizes women in the workforce who historically have suffered because of the specter of having a child and taking time off and maybe never coming back into the workforce,” he said.