Arnold Schwarzenegger is vowing to "continue to fight" against political partisan gerrymandering after the Supreme Court ruled that federal courts can't decide cases over district maps.

California's former Republican governor — one of the leading advocates for redistricting reform — tweeted moments after the Supreme Court's Thursday ruling:


The Supreme Court justices made the 5-4 ruling — split along ideological lines — in two cases presented over district maps in Maryland and North Carolina, which were alleged to be instances of unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders. 

The "Terminator" star has called partisan political gerrymandering a "national scandal." As governor, the 71-year-old former bodybuilder pushed two ballot initiatives that moved control of redistricting for state house seats and congressional seats from state legislatures to a nonpartisan commission. 

On Wednesday, Schwarzenegger pledged to continue the battle.

He also shared a clip from his 1985 action flick, "Commando."