Fiona Apple donating two years worth of song's royalties to help pay migrants' legal fees
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Singer Fiona Apple has pledged to donate two years' worth of royalties she earns from her song “Criminal” to an organization helping detained migrants in the United States cover their legal fees in a bid “to help the WRONGLY criminalized get justice.”

“Something I love about being a songwriter is that I get paid for usage of a song I wrote years ago whenever a TV show or movie asks to use it,” Apple said in a post on Tumblr on Sunday. According to the “Paper Bag” singer, “Criminal” is her "most requested" track.


“In the past I have used my ‘Criminal’ money to help friends or family,” she wrote. “However, after months and months of reading the news about how my country is treating refugees, I’ve become gutted with frustration trying to figure out the best way to help." 

“Of course you can donate money for the bare necessities, toothbrushes, blankets, tents, Pedialyte, etc., but after much searching I found the organization It seems to me that the best way I can help detainees is to contribute to payment of their legal fees,” Apple continued. 

WhileTheyWait, an initiative launched by RAICES Texas, and the ACLU of Southern California, and a number of other groups, seeks to provide undocumented migrants with necessities, coverage for immigration fees, and “secure legal services for those who risked everything to be here while they wait to find out if they can stay,” according to its website.

“What they need is representation and guidance because these people are being prosecuted as criminals just for asking for asylum,” Apple added in her online post. “When they are separated from their children they need help navigating the system. They need to be bailed out of prison. They need money to pay for the ankle bracelets they are forced to rent and wear while awaiting arraignment, for crying out loud.”

“WhileTheyWait helps families through the entire process so they don’t have to stand in court alone, so that they are not, in the end, treated like criminals,” she continued.

“I want to ask other songwriters to donate just ONE TIME, the money they get for the usage of one of their songs to this organization or one of their choosing. I could write a song about this and maybe I will but for now, I will use “CRIMINAL” to help the WRONGLY criminalized get justice.”