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Rapinoe responds to Snoop Dogg calling for equal pay for US women’s soccer team

U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe joked that Snoop Dogg should take the lead on the national women’s soccer team’s pay-equity suit in an interview after his passionate plea for the team to earn equal pay went viral.

In an interview with CNN that aired on Tuesday night, Anderson Cooper aired a video for Rapinoe showing Snoop Dogg address the gender pay gap between the national women’s soccer team and their male counterparts.

{mosads}”Food for thought. Shout out to the USA Women’s Soccer Team for their fourth World Cup, but what I want to talk about is they only get $90,000 per player, but the men — if they win, they get $500,000 per player,” he said in the clip. 

“Sorry ass f–king men from the U.S. team may never win sh-t, ain’t ever win sh-t, can’t even get out the f–king first round,” he added. “Man, pay them ladies, man. Pay the girls what they’re worth.”

After playing the short clip for Rapinoe, Cooper then jokingly asked the athlete whether she would bring the rapper to the mediation that the U.S. Soccer Federation and the women’s soccer players suing the corporation have agreed to pursue over a pay discrimination suit.

“I think that’s probably the best strategic move,” Rapinoe, who had been laughing throughout the duration of the clip, responded laughingly.

“We have a good team of lawyers,” she continued joking, “but we’re going to put them on the backburner for this.” 

When pressed further about the mediation and how some of her teammates feel about their chances of winning the pay-equity suit, Rapinoe said the team’s recent World Cup win is “huge for the lawsuit.”

“But I think for us it’s like, how can we collaborate to make this better,” she continued. “I don’t think the conversation is anymore about ‘Should there be equal pay?’ ‘Do we deserve it?’ ‘Is the ratings there?’ ‘Is the money there?’ It’s all there.”


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