HBO's 'Watchmen' series to feature Robert Redford as longest-serving US president
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HBO’s upcoming show "Watchmen," based on the comic book limited series and hit movie, will reportedly feature Robert Redford as the longest-serving U.S. president in a world where there is no internet or smartphones.

At the series’s Wednesday Comic-Con International panel, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Nicole Kassell, as well as actress Regina King, teased King’s role as a police officer in a fictional version of Tulsa, Okla., with law enforcement officers wearing masks. They also revealed that the show will feature a very liberal President Redford in Washington, Deadline reported.


The producers also shared that the new series will highlight racial issues, replacing the focus on the Cold War in earlier iterations of the comic, examining hate groups and relations with police officers.

The first episode of the series features the Tulsa police force versus hate groups that wear masks inspired by the series’s classic character Rorschach, Salon reported.

“What in 2019 is the equivalent of the nuclear standoff between the Americans and the Russians?” Lindelof asked the audience at Comic-Con. “It is race and the police.”

“There is no defeating white supremacy — it’s not going away,” Lindelof continued. “There are no easy answers and grandiose solution.” 

The "Leftovers" producer said the show, in which superheroes are viewed as outlaws, will blend real and fictional historical and political elements.

“It is not supposed to be a world that you recognize to Trojan horse themes that are in a real world in a fictional one,” he said. “What is actual history and what is alt-history and things start to get blended in the middle.”