Actor Sean Connery said he is “lucky” to have escaped the destruction left by Hurricane Dorian since he and his wife remained in the Bahamas as the storm passed.

Connery stayed in his full-time residence on the island of New Providence with his wife, the painter Micheline Roquebrune, the Daily Mail reported. The storm largely avoided the island where the couple lives, but trees were knocked down and torrential rain and heavy winds were recorded.


“We are both fine,” the 89-year-old actor told the Scottish Daily Mail. “We were lucky compared to many others and the damage here was not great. We had been prepared for the storm, everything was ready in advance – we weren’t taking any chances and knew what to do." 

Connery has a staff who helped him prepare his home for the storm, the Daily Mail reported, including barricading the house and securing its windows. His home is about 90 miles from Great Abaco, which was one of the worst-hit areas by the storm.

The Category 5 storm has killed at least 30 people in the Bahamas. Joy Jibrilu, director general of the country's tourism and aviation ministry, said Friday that “literally hundreds, up to thousands, of people are still missing,” CNN reported.