Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry returned to “Fox & Friends” Friday morning in a teary, emotional interview after he recovered from donating part of his liver to his sister. 

Henry announced in July that he would be donating 30 percent of his liver to his younger sister, Colleen, who has struggled with a degenerative liver disease. After taking time to heal from the surgery over the summer, Henry joined the hosts of “Fox & Friends” to return to the network.

He said Colleen is “doing great,” shedding tears throughout the interview.


"It was really about Colleen. She's had more bumps than me,” Henry said.

“Receiving the donation, it takes more time, it's harder," he added.

He told the show’s hosts there was a “pile of letters” in his office wishing him well from Fox News viewers, including from a mother whose son received a liver donation and that she thinks his public announcement will help “raise awareness."  

Henry’s return came in front of a live studio audience of first responders, according to Fox News, and he told them his surgery does not compare to their sacrifice, referencing Stephen Siller, a New York firefighter who died during the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York. 

"I did that for my sister, who I love," Henry said. "That's easy, I think. What you do every single day, helping people that you may not even know. The number of people on 9/11 who rushed into those buildings, Stephen Siller and everyone else - they didn't know people who they wanted to save." 

Henry also joked that he was worried when Fox News host Sean HannitySean Patrick HannitySunday shows preview: White House, congressional Democrats unable to breach stalemate over coronavirus relief Tennessee primary battle turns nasty for Republicans CNN's Ana Navarro to host Biden roundtable on making 'Trump a one-term president' MORE greeted him at "Fox & Friends" co-host Pete Hegseth's wedding because he has an incision on his chest from the surgery, and Hannity is known to greet friends with a friendly punch. 

“When he sees you, he’s like ‘what’s going on brother man,’” Henry said, impersonating Hannity. “And he punched me, and it did not hit my incision, somehow. I’m fine. I’m clear. I lived.”