Chef José Andrés and his charity served 100,000 free meals in Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian
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Chef José Andrés and his charity have served 100,000 free meals to people in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization founded by the celebrity chef that has built a reputation for providing free meals to those affected by natural disasters in recent years, said earlier this week that it served its 100,000th meal on Monday.


“But it’s not just about delivering food to eat — it’s the message: We are all here for you during this difficult time,” the organization wrote in the tweet, which also featured a photo of Andrés. 

The chef and members of his organization first arrived in the Bahamas when Dorian hit two weeks ago, at which time he shared footage of himself about 80 miles away from the eye of the storm. He said then that he and members of his charity had arrived to “help coordinate feeding response” with local officials in the region.

Last week, his charity told The Hill that it had since been delivering close to 10,000 meals per day to people in the region who have been affected by Dorian. The spokeswoman said Friday that the charity aims to reach 30,000 meals “per day in the coming days.”

The relief efforts by the humanitarian chef and his team come after Dorian left swaths of the island nation ravaged after striking the land as a Category 5 storm late last month.

Reports have placed the death toll in the Bahamas at 50 people at least in the wake of Dorian. According to USA Today, over 2,000 people are still missing and thousands more are in need of basic necessities like food and shelter.