Laverne Cox speaks at Supreme Court
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Transgender actress Laverne Cox spoke outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the day the court was to hear oral arguments in the case of a woman who alleges she was fired from her job after coming out as trans

"I am so incredibly honored and overwhelmed that I got to be present on this historic day," Cox said on the steps of the Supreme Court, noting that it was a day on which "the very first case involving transgender rights was argued before the Supreme Court."

"I hope no matter what our justices decide that Americans know that it should not be OK to discriminate," she added. "If we do not win this case, then the people, then our legislature needs to make it clear that discrimination against anyone because of who they are should not be the way that we live our lives."

The case Cox was discussing centers around a woman named Aimee Stephens who has said she was fired from her job as a funeral director and embalmer after notifying her employer she would start openly living and working as a woman. Lower courts found that Stephens's firing was a violation of the Civil Rights Act.


“I am thrilled to be at the highest court in the land today to remind the justices with my presence that women like me exist, and that trans people have every right to the same protections as everyone else,"  Stephens said in an American Civil Liberties Union statement released Thursday. 

"Firing me because I’m transgender was discrimination, plain and simple, and I hope the Court rules that no one has to endure the harm and suffering my former employer forced me to experience,” she added.

The court was also slated to hear arguments Tuesday on a case in which a man named Donald Zarda alleged he was fired after a client learned he was gay. 

Cox is best known for her role on the Netflix show "Orange is the New Black."