Garth Brooks on Jimmy Carter's volunteer work: 'Nobody cares about "Republican" or "Democrat" in heaven'
© Habitat for Humanity

Garth Brooks offered praise for his fellow Habitat for Humanity volunteer, former President Carter, in a recent interview about his longstanding legacy with the organization.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment published earlier this week, Brooks said he wasn’t at all surprised by Carter’s quick return to volunteering for the nonprofit shortly after the 95-year-old suffered a fall that left him with a black eye on Sunday.


Carter, the longest-living former U.S. president, had stunned many on Monday after footage emerged showing him with a drill in hand on a building site in Nashville, while also donning a white bandage on his head and bruise over his left eye. Carter, who had fallen in his home in Plains, Ga., the day before, required stitches above his brow after the fall.

“You don't expect anything different from the man,” Brooks told the publication.

“He’s just one of those guys, and Ms. Rosalynn's the same way. They're just those people that you just have to be around to actually believe it,” he added, referring to Carter's wife, former first lady Rosalynn Carter.

He then went on to say that he believed Carter and his wife stand for “what we should all shoot for as human beings.”

“Please forget ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat.’ What they are standing for is as human beings,” Brooks said.

“If we're going to get anywhere as a human race, this is the path we want to follow. So anything keeping any kind of light on that path and those two people's dreams, then count us in. You've got to understand that when you get to heaven, nobody cares about ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ in heaven at all.” 

Brooks, who has worked alongside Carter on a number of Habitat for Humanity over the years, also spoke to about the former president’s work ethic, telling the publication Carter is “going to outwork you.”

“I'm not being modest here, trust me. I'm not being humble. I'm being honest. He's going to outwork you every time he comes on the job site,” he continued.

He then recalled a past building project he volunteered on with Carter in Haiti.

"We were down in Haiti, it's a hundred and I don't know, it's boiling down there, and the roofs are metal. So they're working on them, I'm working on the metal roof, and I've been up there for hours, so I finally get the roof on. And the great thing about getting the roof on is now you've got some shade,” Brooks said.

“And I went down there and took my hat off, and stood in the shade, and I wasn't there two seconds when Jimmy comes walking in. And he goes, ‘Need something to do, Garth?’ I'm like, ‘Dang it!’ So you'd never want him to catch you ever trying to get a breath, because you can't outwork him,” he continued. 

“I can't imagine living in a house that you can tell your children, the president and the first lady did that, right there, in our house,” Brooks added. “That's just so cool.”